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We believe that combining modern technology with the tried-and-true effectiveness of the auction process is the ultimate method to bring buyers and sellers together.

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Why Equip-Bid?

The convenience of online auctions makes them a perfect fit for sellers who have a lot of items and/or a short time frame in which to sell them.

The success of Equip-Bid is a testament to the quality individuals we have working for us. The bidders of Equip-Bid have come to expect a certain level of service from our website to our customer service representatives, and to our warehouse professionals. Our highly trained and qualified professional sales team understand what drives a successful auction and how to help our clients achieve the highest possible return for the sale of their assets. Thousands of sellers choose to work with Equip-Bid due to our attention to detail and proven track record.

We are confident that you will be in good hands by choosing to work with Equip-Bid.

What We Need from You 

In order to offer your assets available for an Equip-Bid auction, we will need the following things: 

  • Timing when you need to have everything gone from your location 

  • What items you want to sell, and a clear list of which items are up for auction  

  • Access to your property so we can photograph, inventory items and prepare for the auction 

Once you have gathered these items, you are ready to start the process with Equip-Bid by contacting our sales team through our website. 



What You Get When You Work with Equip-Bid

Equip-Bid gives retail sellers the upper hand by putting their auction in front of thousands of ready and willing buyers each day. But that’s not all Equip-Bid will do for you.

  • Tailored auction service 

  • Online only auction 24/7 

  • Custom promotions and advertising 

  • Fast settlement 

  • Support from Equip-Bid and fellow affiliates 

  • Unique website URL that is sharable with your network 

  • Organized scheduled pick-up times, around your timeline 

  • Minimal leftover equipment once the auction is over 

How the Auction Works

Online auctions are incredibly flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the seller. When you work with Equip-Bid, the auction process typically looks like this:  

  • Discuss the project and get a complete picture of the assets and evaluate any potential hurdles. 

  • Free estimate proposal giving you a realistic expectation of what the auction should bring in. 

  • Contract is signed with the agreed terms and logistics for the auction. 

  • Auction is live, bidding and auction promotion begins. 

  • Auction closes, winning bidders pay online and are alerted to schedule a pickup, based around your timeline. 

  • Auction settlement detailed listing of items sold. 

Things To Consider

If you choose to sell via an online auction, there are a few things to consider, in order to get the best value for your items.

  • Auctions run for 14 days tend to achieve the best results. Shorter auctions run the risk of not being noticed, and longer ones run the risk of people losing interests. 

  • Auctions without sufficient marketing behind them bring the smallest returns. It’s usually worth not skimping on the advertising. Expect to pay $200 for every $5,000 that the auction will bring. 

  • Select an auction site with a decent number of existing buyers. If an auction is run by a site that offers very low listing fees, but has very few buyers, you will not get good returns on your items.  

  • Reserves discourage bidding considerably. There is a temptation when doing an auction to ask for a reserve on an item. However, items with reserves tend to do much worse than items without them, as people do not engage at early pricing levels with the item and are effectively ‘bidding against the seller’. If you need a high reserve on an item, consider simply selling it via a different method if you can.  

  • On Site auctions generally do much better than auctions in warehouses. If you have to move everything to a warehouse you will be spending time, effort and money to reduce the value of your items. If you have the option, an on site auction is almost always a better choice.  

If you have any questions about online resale, or are interested in selling your stuff via online auction with Equip-Bid.com, please file out the form below, and we will be in contact soon.

"We are here to offer our services and help liquidate your assets in a short timeframe."  

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