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Formed in 2009, Equip-bid.com is an internet-only auction service specializing in business asset liquidation. We are one of the Midwest’s largest online auction services for both personal and commercial property. If you need your assets sold quickly and efficiently, Equip-bid.com is your solution.

Here are just some of types of auctions you’ll see.
Opening a restaurant or even just maintaining one is very expensive. The biggest advantage to buying at auction is the savings. If the used piece functions well, why pay for new? We offer a wide variety of equipment including ovens, fryers, mixers, refrigerators, coolers, freezers, slicers, warmers, and much more.

Equip-bid.com Affiliate Sellers - If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, or you or someone you know has assets to sell, call Equip-Bid.com at (888) 685-1269.

We Pay For Referrals! Do you know of a business that is getting ready to relocate, downsize, or close? Our referral payout is based on a percentage of our fee from the seller and that can add up to a big payday! We are discreet and professional in all of our inquiries. Give us a call today!