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Thursday 01/14/2021
07:42 pm CST

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Description: Set Your Strength Training Standard Designed to offer a total body strength training solution, the Platinum Standard Bench from strength titan Weider provides everything you need to get a great workout from home. Sturdy fixed uprights are built to support up to 110 pounds and can be comfortably used with 6.5 foot and 7 foot standard sized barbells (sold separately). Choose between 4 different bench positions with 2 progressive levels of incline, 1 level of decline, and a standard flat position to accommodate your lifting preferences and exercise routine. The Platinum Standard Bench is wrapped in tear resistant vinyl that is easy to wipe clean after every workout and includes a professionally designed exercise chart that outlines effective exercises and proper lifting form. Standard Sizing This total body strength training station is compatible with 6.5 foot and 7 foot standard sized barbells, and 1” standard sized weight plates (both sold separately). Integrated Leg Developer Don’t neglect your lower body instead, train your quads, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, and core with this foam coated leg developer. 4 Bench Positions Choose between 2 levels of incline, flat, or decline positions to adjust your weight bench to your home workout routine. 410 Pound Total Weight Capacity This sturdy bench is designed to support a heavy load, making it a great option for all of your home workout needs
Brand: Weider
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
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Thursday 01/14/2021
07:56 pm CST

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Description: CEAYUN multi grip pull up bar
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
Current Bid: $25.00
Next Required Bid: $30.00
High Bidder: #76743
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Thursday 01/14/2021
08:00 pm CST

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Description: Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME 709 Ideal for home or office useMarcy exercise bike helps you burn calories and shed poundsCompact designFull body workoutMarcy recumbent bike is designed to help increase cardiovascular endurance
Brand: Marcy
Model: Marcy
Color: Marcy
Location: Marcy
Dimension: Marcy.
Additional Detail: Damaged
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
Current Bid: $46.50
Next Required Bid: $51.50
High Bidder: #92238
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Thursday 01/14/2021
08:02 pm CST

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Description: CAP's FM CS7000F Power Rack is loaded with comfort and safety features. The main frame is constructed from 12 and 14 gauge steel. All tube seams are welded to provide additional strength and stability. The overhead workout station is constructed from high grade tubular steel which is fully welded to mounting plates with mini gussets for extra reinforced support. All open frame ends are capped for safety and to prevent inner oxidation. All steel components of this half cage are powder coated and
Brand: CAP
Model: CAP
Color: CAP
Location: CAP
Dimension: CAP.
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
Current Bid: $75.00
Next Required Bid: $80.00
High Bidder: #36510
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Thursday 01/14/2021
08:03 pm CST

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Description: Smart Treadmill DesignGet Connected with the FitShow AppPairs to Your Device viaRunning & Training Data Statistics ReadoutBuilt in Hand Grip Sensors for BPM Pulse MonitoringLCD Display Screen with Touch Button ControlsDisplays Run Time, Distance, Speed, Calories Burned, Heart RateAdjustable Speed Settings
Brand: SereneLife
Model: SereneLife
Color: SereneLife
Location: SereneLife
Dimension: SereneLife.
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
Current Bid: $12.50
Next Required Bid: $15.00
High Bidder: #24260
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Thursday 01/14/2021
08:14 pm CST

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Description: Offers all weather completely portable heavy duty gym quality leg stretcher Features a centre handle bar plus two leg extensions with soft foam rubber grips 6 hole adjustments offer a full range of stretching capabilities for almost everyone Made from welded stainless steel for added strength,180 Degree adjustable pull bar Dimension Shortest length 55.5cm/21.8;Longest length 102.3cm/40.27"
Additional Detail: Open Box"
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
Current Bid: $17.50
Next Required Bid: $20.00
High Bidder: #76743
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Thursday 01/14/2021
08:18 pm CST

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Description: * Appears used. No instructions, contents not verified * Get in shape or stay in shape with the Tunturi Elliptical Cross Trainer Cardio Fit C30. Get started with the right workout for you by determining your own pace and intensity. The advantages of the Tunturi Cardio Fit C30 ✔ 8 different resistance levels ✔ Tablet Holder ✔ LCD monitor displays essential data ✔ Battery operated monitor ✔ Monitor displays time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned ✔ Transport Wheels to easily position the bike anywhere Move easily on a Tunturi exercise bicycle The stroke of this elliptical cross trainer is smooth to ensure getting your work out in is a breeze. The ergonomic design also keeps you comfortable so the only thing you need to focus on is your fitness. Further customize your workout by choosing from 8 different resistance levels. Don’t worry about the monotonous grind of indoor training. The monitor features a holder for your tablet or smartphone so you can catch up on your favorite show, catch the latest coverage of your favorite sport, or listen to your favorite artist’s latest album. The most important values are displayed The monitor displays essential data such as your speed, distance, time, heart rate, and calories burned. You can read this data in real time while you work out, allowing you to track your effort. The built in contact pads allow you to analyze your effort by monitoring your heart rate. Ergonomic design The pedals are adjustable to match your stride. The handles have an ergonomic design that fit your hands and keep stress off your wrists and shoulders. You can tilt the monitor to the correct angle, so you don’t have to crane your neck to see the data.
Model: 16TCFC3000
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness
Current Bid: $85.50
Next Required Bid: $90.50
High Bidder: #92298
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Thursday 01/14/2021
08:33 pm CST

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Description: WORKS AS 5 BENCHES IN 1. Use it as a Flat Bench, an Incline Bench, a Decline Bench, a Sit Up Bench or an Upright Bench.FOLDABLE AND CONVENIENT for great workouts at the home or gym. Great for apartments, small offices or spaces. Work out, then fold it away until your next workout.8 DIFFERENT ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS FOR DOZENS OF WORKOUTS. Great for dumbbell workouts, ab routines, or custom fitness when and where its easiest for you.STABLE and SUPPORTIVE STRUCTURE. Constructed from high strength steel to provide a solid base as you confidently work toward your fitness goals.EXTENDED CUSHION LENGTH to support frames of all sizes. High grade pad cushion and covering provides a strong, but comfortable experience in any position.
Brand: Finer Form
Additional Detail: Open Box
Sporting Goods > Exercise/Fitness

Auction Details:

Factory Sealed: New inbox, never used, original product, in original box. We stand behind the listing as described. Being "new", we have not checked for function/internal damage. You may inspect/test before you leave. No refunds after leaving pic up location, contact manager right away.

Appears New: Item appears to be in new condition, not used. They may, or may not be in the original box. They should work as expected. We inspect for the following:

      - Item is complete enough to run/work as needed.

      - Does not appear to have ben pre-owned

      - Box may be damaged, however, internal contents are fine.

You may test your item before you leave, if it does not work, you may return it for full refund BEFORE you leave the pick up location. No refunds after you leave.

Open box: Open box represents several conditions, such as incomplete, pre-owned, new but not verified for condition, untested, could be fully functioning, or DOA, we have not tested. Please use inspection time to preview and test before you bid. Open box items may not be returned, sold as is. We highly suggest you preview open box items during our preview hours. Call if you have questions.

Damaged: These items have known damage. We will do our best to describe/picture the damage. We don't test for functionality. These could be items never used/owned, such as a grill that had shipping damage to the lid, but never put together or used. Could  be scratch and dent, or could be totally broken. We encourage you to preview damaged items during inspection hours. Call if you have questions Damaged items can not be returned, sold as is.


Wed, Jan 13, 2021
09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Inspections are by appointment within the schedule above.

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Thu, Jan 14, 2021
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Fri, Jan 15, 2021
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$10,000.00 - $100,000.00$100.00
$100,000.01 - $500,000.00$250.00
$500,000.01 - $1,000,000.00$500.00
$1,000,000.01 - $2,500,000.00$1,000.00

Buyer's Premium

Your card on file may be charged at 9:00 day of load out. If you are tax exempt or paying cash, contact auction manager BEFORE 9:00 a.m.






The auction will close according to the terms listed specifically within each auction. Any terms or conditions listed for a specific auction will supersede those listed within the general terms in this agreement. Along with closing date and time, item inspection, location and removal times will also be listed for that specific auction.


A fifteen percent (15%) buyer€™s premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00, at checkout you will be charged $115.00 plus sales tax based on the location of the auction. If tax exempt, contact Equip-Bid Auctions to provide tax exempt form.


Invoice must be paid prior to removal of items.  Payment must be made prior to, and a *Paid in Full* invoice must be presented when picking up. Regardless of pick-up location, all payment arrangements must be made within1 business days of the auctions closing. Business days are Monday-Friday. If invoice payment arrangements are not made by this time, you authorize your credit card on file to be charged for total amount plus a $25.00 late payment fee. No late fees will be removed from an invoice once they are added. It is your responsibility as the buyer if you have not received a paid invoice via email within 24 hours of submitting payment to contact Equip-Bid to verify receipt of payment in order to avoid being charged a late fee. Accepted forms of payment include cash, certified check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. A valid credit card must be kept on file with Equip-Bid at all times. Equip-Bid has the right to submit an authorization from time to time to ensure the credit card is valid. If the card becomes invalid, Equip-Bid will disable your bidding rights and they will not be reinstated until a valid credit card is provided.


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Once an auction has ended, the items become the property of the winning bidder (buyer). Buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage to property from that point forward including at the premises of the sale. The removal date and time will be posted on the terms for each individual auction. REMOVAL TIMES ARE ABSOLUTE €”IF YOU CAN NOT REMOVE YOUR ITEMS DURING SCHEDULED PICK-UP TIMES, DO NOT BID!  Failure to remove during scheduled load out time may result in item forfeiture.  Ownership of item will then revert to party with primary vested interest in the item to sell or dispose of item as it sees fit. Any funds paid shall be forfeited to satisfy terms of sale. The buyer agrees to pay all deficiencies, legal, collection and other fees including transportation and storage expenses associated with delinquent accounts or abandoned/forfeited items. Premiums and fees remain applicable.


If a bid is made within the last 3 minutes, the closing time for that item will be extended for five (5) minutes in order to imitate a live auction as closely as possible.


Notification of items won will be sent to you ONLY by email. It is the buyers responsibility to check your email (it may be necessary to check junk/spam email folder.)   Buyer can check their dashboard in their account to see any outstanding invoices, and items won.  If you feel you won an item, and it is not shown, contact the equip-bid office by 9:00 a.m. the next morning to have us check on it for you.


For demonstration purposes, various pieces of equipment may be joined together. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected together. You are bidding on the item as it is described and not the item in the photo. Equip-Bid makes an effort to ensure the descriptions are accurate and the photos match as well. However, an error can occur in the listing and in that case it will be the description and not the photo that will be the item won. If you feel there is a discrepancy or error between a listing and a photo, contact Equip-Bid for clarification and notification of error.


All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied by the lot number affixed to the item. This sale is to the business community as €œequipment and €œinventory€ without any implied or expressed warranty. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. When not certain of the condition or use of an item, please bid accordingly.


We want everyone to get a good deal, and most will. However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our clients are not willing to assume the cost of your mistake. Once bidding ends, the item is contractually sold to the highest bidder and that item is the buyer'€™s property. When in doubt about condition, completeness or suitability for intended use, please bid accordingly. Equip-Bid reserves the right to add or remove items from an auction, split or combine lots, add minimum bids or reserve prices, cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an item and/or auction event, and make changes to the auction closing, inspection, or removal times. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract and/or agreement, or breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgments upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.


Equip-Bid and Seller€™s liability shall be limited to the refund of bidder's purchase price.


The above-stated Terms and Conditions for Equip-Bid Auctions cannot be altered except in writing by Equip-Bid.

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