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CLOSED - Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 - 8:00 P.M. (CST) - Hot Dog cart, Van, Motorcycle and more Online Auction -

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Tow-able HOT DOG CART-- newly rebuilt

this cart is a veteran of the streets and set up to handle volume-- Owner stated he has personally made $1,860 profit in 5 hours with this cart-- those little carts just won't do the job !!!!!
2 new burners on the steam table
new on demand water pump with new plumbing--Electrical and large diesel battery for extended time on the streets( wired pump to a toggle switch and wired an EXTRA toggle switch into the system foe future needs
new cutting boards
new umbrella
2 new wheels and tires
new Plexiglas and handles on bun storage compartment
5-gal fresh water--- 8 gal Grey tank
Air lines catering box w/ stainless steel pans  mounted on the side of cart runs on electricity --- great for precooking at big events--- storage the rest of the time
I have had the frame reinforced and extended-- new galvanized plating on bottom of trailer
I had a metal frame made and mounted on the side for the beverage cooler that will hold several cases of soda/water
Additional equipment included with hot dog cart
money box
2 blenders
plastic folding table
water totes
sanitizer tablets and testing strips
plastic beverage dispensers with lids
extra parts--2 wheels and tires--2 sinks--misc.

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